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Articulating Boom Lifts is the best place to find and save on an articulating boom lift. With you can compare prices from the leading local articulating boom lift companies in your area, which makes it easy to get the lowest price every time. Articulating boom lifts are also referred to as knuckle booms because the mast has a hinge, or hinges, which makes them more mobile when compared to a telescopic boom lift.

Top Articulating Boom Lift Manufacturers

There are a bunch of different manufacturers of articulating boom lifts, here are a few of the best:

  • Genie Articulating Boom Lifts
  • SkyJack Articulating Boom Lifts
  • JLG Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Aichi Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Terex Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Skytrak Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating Boom Lift FAQ

Most customers have a bunch of questions that they need to have answered when choosing an articulating boom lift. Here are a few questions that a lot of customers ask when looking for articulating boom lifts:

Do I Need to Be Certified to Operate an Articulating Boom Lift

Yes, operators will need to be certified to operate an articulating boom lift. Most heavy machinery requires that the operator be trained before using the equipment. For more information on the certification process and rules check out the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.

How Much Does an Articulating Boom Lift Cost?

The amount that you will end up paying for an articulating boom lift depends on whether you are buying a new or used lift, the lift height that you need, and the manufacturer. The higher the articulating boom lift reaches the more expensive it will be, and used lifts will typically save you 30-60% compared to a new machine.

How Do I Transport the Boom Lift?

Upon purchase or rental the company that you got the articulating boom lift from will deliver it to wherever you specify for a small fee (usually around $100 to $200). If you have your own flatbed truck you can pick it up to save some money, or transport it somewhere else. If you'd like to move your lift you can call a local company and they will do it for a small fee.