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Straight Telescopic Boom Lifts

Telescopic boom lifts are the most popular type of boom lift because they are dependable, versatile enough to perform well for a variety of jobs, and are relatively low priced. Customers often get confused when searching for a telescopic boom lift because they hear about straight mast boom lifts, standard boom lifts, stick boom lifts and a bunch of other names, but these are all referring to the exact same thing. You'll find two main types of telescopic boom lifts, electric/diesel which is powered by it's own engine and towable boom lifts which can be hooked up to the back of a truck for easy transportation.

Telescopic Boom Lift Uses & Applications

Straight boom lifts are a great machine to have for a bunch of different jobs where you need to reach a high space. Here are some of the most common ways that people use their telescopic boom lift:

  • Inventory Management
  • Billboards / Advertising Signage
  • Replacing / Installing Lighting Systems
  • Replacing / Installing Air Conditioning Systems
  • Filming Sports Games or Movies
  • Replacing or Repairing Telephone Lines
  • Painting Houses or Buildings

Telescopic Boom Lift FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions customers need answered before buying a new or used telescopic boom lift:

How Far Can a Telescopic Boom Lift Reach Horizontally?

The length that a telescopic boom lift can reach horizontally is also called the horizontal outreach and can get up to 80 feet for a standard 120 ft. telescopic boom lift.

How Far Can a Telescopic Boom Lift Reach Vertically?

Telescopic boom lifts come with a large range of lift heights. You will usually find lift heights between 20 ft and 80 ft at most boom lift dealerships, but telescopic boom lifts with heights reaching more than 140 ft can also be found, but they are much less common.

How Much Do Telescopic Boom Lifts Cost?

Telescopic boom lift prices will usually be slightly less expensive compared to articulating boom lifts, but they still require a significant investment of thousands of dollars. It's possible to find a used telescopic boom lift for just a few thousand dollars, but most boom lifts (especially ones that reach over 40 ft) will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Due to the high price of buying telescopic boom lifts, many customers choose to rent boom lifts instead.