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Boom Lift Base is the number one source for all of your boom lift needs. We've partnered with the top local companies that offer boom lift rentals and sales throughout the Nation, which means that you will not only get better customer service but lower prices too. Boom Lift Base can help you find any type of boom lift, whether you want a 120 ft articulating boom lift in Dallas, or you are trying to find a 60 ft towable straight boom lift in Chicago, has the answer. Saving money on boom lifts with couldn't be easier, just request a quote and you can compare the best offer from local companies in your area in just a few minutes.

Save on Boom Lift Rentals & Sales

There are a bunch of reasons why customers continue to come back to when they need to buy or rent a boom lift, but the biggest reason is that saves customers hours searching on boom lifts, while saving hundreds and often thousands of dollars on a boom lift. Renting or buying from one of the preferred boom lift dealers that partners with also means that customers have much less of a chance of any hassles that you may run into when going through a private seller or an unreliable company. also provides customers with useful guides and tips to make sure that they get the right boom lift for their needs. On Boom Lift Base you'll find real boom lift rental prices from customers in your area, which can help you negotiate a better rate on your rental.

Boom Lift Solutions

Here at we take pride in offering every boom lift product and service you need. Here are a few of the top products and services that we offer here at

  • Used Boom Lifts
  • Boom Lift Rentals & Leases
  • New Boom Lifts
  • Boom Lift Parts & Service
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts (Straight or Stick Booms)
  • Articulating Boom Lifts (Knuckle Booms)

Boom Lift FAQ

Buying or renting a boom lift for the first time is often a difficult task for customers. Since boom lifts typically cost a few thousand dollars it's a good idea to do your research and make sure you get exactly what you need. Here are some common questions that customers need to have answered when choosing a boom lift:

What is the Difference Between a Telescopic and Articulating Boom Lift?

Telescopic boom lifts have a straight boom which can only extend and retract. Articulating boom lifts can extent and retract, but the boom has a hinge in it which means it can move in more than one direction.

How Much Do Boom Lifts Cost?

Boom lifts can cost as little as a few thousand dollars for a standard towable telescopic boom lift to more than $75,000 for a 120 ft articulating boom lift. Rentals also have a very large range, which goes up as the lift height increases.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Delivery fees from a local company will usually be around $100 each way. The larger the boom lift, the heavier it will be and if it needs a special heavy duty truck for delivery it might cost slightly more. It's always a good idea to get a quote on delivery fees when speaking with your local boom lift dealer.

What Happens if My Boom Lift Breaks Down?

If you are renting from a dependable company then they will either send out a service technician to your location for on-site repairs or they will deliver a new one and bring the broken one back to their dealership for repairs. If you own the boom lift that has broken down there's a chance that your manufacturer warranty will cover it, so you will need to check with the dealer that you purchased it from.

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